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DECEMBER 22, 2015

Found Object

Why did this crazy thing excite me so much?

Walking through a warehouse stuffed full of objects and furnishings this horn cried out to heard, so I stopped and waited while it struck up a dialogue in me. These things happen you know? Just pay attention to that tiniest sound of its identity, and how it meets your identity, and you have the basis for making something out of it.

Just a response is all one needs, whatever it is, a fragrance on the breeze that says, ‘hey, stop here a minute and take me in,’ a glancing play of light, a change in the scale of things that suddenly wakes you up to your own human measure. Any of these, and a 1000 more intimate details of our working minds when they are at play, and you have what you need to make something entirely yours.

Out of Nothing.

12-22 Object L1003612


DECEMBER 16, 2015

Odd Corners

Antique fair, stuff everywhere, and too much to look at, and then out of the corner of my eye I get a sense that something – meaningless maybe – but a slight ambiguity, which came from a sliver of a moment when I wasn’t sure of what I was seeing, the light, the red hair, the coat engulfing, the 2 faced portrait, the gesture non gesture. Everything that was there in just that second, and nothing.

The stuff of Photography.

12-16 Scene L1003444

DECEMBER 9, 2015

6 Long Weeks

I have finally finished looking at more than 40,000 prints and signing over 15,000 of them for the sale of my Archive. Yesterday and today were, and are, travel days, and I am deeply tired from the intensity of the effort. So the next few days will still be quiet time for me with pictures only until I recover enough to write about the images.

But I wanted to thank all of you for your support and patience as well as the effort some of you made to keep the observations about life and photographs flowing. I’d like to thank Jose and Ece, and all the rest for the wisdom and feelings your comments contained.

Tin Tin and the Girls12-9 TinTin  L1003319

Smoking Hand12-9 Smoke L1003325

APRIL 15, 2015


It was an 80 degree day in April, and I was at a big antique fair in Avignon. While wandering the endless aisles I came across this sleeping beauty getting his radiation dose, and found it more interesting than any of the furniture, paintings, mirrors, chests, dishes, rugs, and the assorted contents of dealers warehouses from all over Europe.

04-15 L1027787


Although this guy below had an amazing statuette of an All American showgirl/cheerleader type that had me thinking; ‘what I could do with this?’ But, in the end, (which is where he was going) I felt it was too much of a great thing in and of itself – it had all the same characteristics of those 40’s and 50’s pin-ups and magazine illustrations – and it felt that there was little I could do but copy it, and that isn’t my idea of photography. Yes, the camera does copy things, but one’s intention seems to me to be more important than mere duplication.

Invention in the moment, inspiration and surprise, and of course the time factor, has always been a more exciting prospect to me than direct rendering of a thing or place or person.

04-15 L1027725