DECEMBER 9, 2015

6 Long Weeks

I have finally finished looking at more than 40,000 prints and signing over 15,000 of them for the sale of my Archive. Yesterday and today were, and are, travel days, and I am deeply tired from the intensity of the effort. So the next few days will still be quiet time for me with pictures only until I recover enough to write about the images.

But I wanted to thank all of you for your support and patience as well as the effort some of you made to keep the observations about life and photographs flowing. I’d like to thank Jose and Ece, and all the rest for the wisdom and feelings your comments contained.

Tin Tin and the Girls12-9 TinTin  L1003319

Smoking Hand12-9 Smoke L1003325


6 thoughts on “DECEMBER 9, 2015

  1. Jose

    You’re welcome, Joel. It’s a pleasure. Something I’ve learnt on the streets is that you don’t look the same when you’re tired, you lose attention. You have to rest to get focused again.

    The smoking hand picture makes me think a photographer is an illusionist.


  2. Stefan Shillington

    Thanks for keeping us entertained and inspired through all the challenging times you have had this year, despite like some of your followers you’re not getting any younger!
    Thank you


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Stefan, thanks, it’s been fun for me all the way through the year, even in those times when work or responsibilities crushed the time and my ability to write regularly. And age, no doubt, plays a part in that. I’m fortunate though to be in a clear minded time of life still, and have a reservoir of energy and optimism, so I say, Onward, and though the year is ending I’ll write to the finish and then see what next year offers. Joel


  3. lightovertime

    Congratulations again, safe travels and a speedy recovery!

    Todays pair is the most challenging yet. I can’t help but let these images speak to me in light of all the recent events and the psychological fallout we are all experiencing in the aftermath. They symbolize despair and hope. The first image is that of a bizarre scene (after I get over the hilarity of it), a nightmare in which Tintin seems to be lost for words. A world gone terribly wrong and even our hero is hopelessly incapacitated. Who will save us?

    In the second image, a glowing hand extends to answer the question. It looks like the warmth (the positive energy) emanating from the hand is spreading out to be shared by all, reminding us that the strength we need is within us, sourced from our collective origin.

    Thank you Joel, for this amazing journey of discovery.



    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      It’s been a pleasure hearing from you throughout the blog postings in general, but more so even during this 6 week period when a few of the readers have given voice to the work in my absence. The dialogue continues as soon as I recover. Joel



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