AUGUST 8, 2015

Maggie’s Birth Day

We went to a friend’s restaurant knowing we’d have great food and a good time, and it was even better and funnier than we expected. Celebrations are great moments for making pictures for all the usual reasons; the special moment, the memories, the friends who one day won’t be around but are captured in their liveliest expressions and stay that way for us. Here are four women from 16 to 66 who span the generations yet look so comfortable and beautiful together

Often the camera does things that can only show up as visible in a photograph; that’s the magic of the medium. Maggie ‘s cake came out with a sparkler blazing away, and when I made the shot the sparkler had a fraction of a moment of less sparkle before exploding again, and in that space the shutter – at 1/ 30th of a second – was open long enough to make 2 recordings of everything.

08-8 The Girls L1032205

08-8 Sparks L1032244 copy

Then someone put on a Berlusconi mask and just as in his real life the women flocked to him. And here again an accidental ‘catch’ occurred, someone else’s flash went off just as I opened my shutter and it produced this ‘bronzy,’ garish color and hard light.

08-8 Berlusconi L1032305 copy


4 thoughts on “AUGUST 8, 2015

  1. markclarkephoto

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    A very many congratulations to Maggie – happy birthday! A shared day with my mother-in-law – we celebrated with some Monopoly madness – (photo) (I’m sorry if this has posted several times – I’ve had a moment with the computer!)


  2. Mark Sprecher

    Fun shots that are also really, really good! That garish effect from the other person’s flash going off is perfect for anything to do with Berlusconi. I don’t know if you keep up with the digital edition of the NY Times, but one hilarious bit in their coverage of Donald Trump was an Italian woman who lives in Trump Tower commenting that she wishes she could vote for him because he would be the American Berlusconi.



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