JULY 27, 2015


Italian families! So much affection, gentleness and concentration on babies when they come. On our way home from the seaside we stopped to see an old friend whose new son was drawing all eyes his way just by being his bubbly small self. Or was he so happy just because of all the attention pouring into him? Probably goes both ways in that circle.

Shooting little kids may seem like easy pickings, but they shouldn’t be seen only as ‘cute,’ like kittens, or beautiful, like flowers, they are amazingly communicative and expressive little beings whose personae, and expression, although limited by their size and verbal skills, still make them interesting subjects. Witness those Diane Arbus photographs of kids in which their fears and pain make them powerful subjects. I always thought those images of hers were a big step toward a tough body of work in an area we think of as cliché.

07-27 Baby L1031945



2 thoughts on “JULY 27, 2015

    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Hello Jim, Guess what? That is Ciro’s new baby, although he’s almost 2 by now. We hope you are well and enjoying the summer. It’s been a blazing and impossibly hot 6 weeks with temps in or near 100 every day! Amazing experience. Let’s stay in touch.



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