JULY 26, 2015


Every so often I am reminded by something I see right in front of me, of Saul Steinberg, that great New Yorker magazine artist who did the famous poster showing New York City and the avenues going west to the river and then beyond to the bleak view of the distant American emptiness. His characters often were shown in ridiculous outfits and social postures which showed us all how crazy we actually look while we think we are pretty sophisticated.

Steinberg_New_Yorker_Cover             saul 4

So when I see someone like this guy on the beach, a faceless, strangely shaped human being, Steinberg pops into my head. Of course I love the pair of hands under the sunny towel and the way they relate to the figure of the man, although I couldn’t explain how they relate, except to say to me they made sense, photographic sense, in that something happens when I look from one to the other, a kind of connectivity between the hands that you don’t see and the pair that you do.

07-26 Beach L1031907



1 thought on “JULY 26, 2015

  1. Barrie

    also, the figure in the water, facing the other way from the walker. Nice photo, I like this photo. Flesh flesh flesh. That’s how they relate (you wrote: “although I couldn’t explain how they relate”). And that giant wonderfully-shaped shadow in the sand on the right and upper right umbrella leaning into middle of frame. I like the colors too. Guy with senior bloated stomach (happens to certain kinds of bodies) (almost a silhouette) centered with lots of interesting parts elsewhere leading eyes around and back. That almost-flat semi-grid-square orange towel plays interesting role too. Wonder how this photo looks in bw.



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