MARCH 13, 2015

Glorious Monster

The French are brutal pruners of their trees in springtime. Not that I know much about the methods of pruners and what is right or not, although I am sure they are right since the trees live long and look healthy and produce well. This glorious monster had caught my eye countless times as I drove past, making my head snap to attention to catch a glimpse of its wild crown of thorns as I whizzed past.

On this day I had to stop. The tree had been given a Mohawk that really was fantastic to look at. I parked at roadside and waltzed around it for the 10 minutes or so it took to try and see where the image was at its best; where it sang its song, danced its dance, came into focus as an image as well as being just the tree itself. These exercises in limited situations (I couldn’t get behind it as the gate was locked) are fun to experience because they test one’s patience, inventiveness, and character.

Here it stands in all its grandeur, yet humiliated by the crappy sign, fence, and surroundings. I gave it all my attention but couldn’t rescue it from its fate.

03-13 L1026733


1 thought on “MARCH 13, 2015

  1. Frank Winters

    I love this photo, Joel, crappy sign and all. It reminds me of one in your Mt Fuji series – of the backyard with mountain in the BG. I still have a copy of the dearly departed Double Take mag with the article on you and that series. As well as a large print of Sunday Painters. Wonderful work – all of it!

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