FEBRUARY 13, 2015


Friday the 13th. I already have had my bad luck day this week.

So the joy of seeing this chorus line of sprinklers dancing along the roadside in February lightened my heart. It’s a nothing image in lots of ways, but the reality of it, and the way it gave me pleasure, transcends the weakness. It seemed to me as if it was ‘light’ that was being sprayed across the fields. That momentary illusion, and the thoughts that trailed through my mind as it was left behind, were worth it to me.

I think that the stimulation the world so copiously delivers in its unbounded and random way, is what makes photography such a powerful medium for ‘ideas’. And for me, through all these years, photography, even though it is made of images, has really been about the generation of new ideas; ideas about life, time, place, relationships, or anything that comes up from that brief glimpse we catch, maybe even just out of the corner of our eye, that makes the medium so continuously provocative.

I feel so lucky!

Feb-13 L1026142.


2 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 13, 2015

  1. Jose

    Refreshing. Maggie’s right, you’re an optimistic whirlwind and that force fuels me when I’m walking on the dark side of the moon. Thanks so much.


  2. Nicx

    And lucky we are to witness your many remarkable works. You are, for me, a living legend and this blog is a way to share some of your intimate thoughts with us, in a way to know you even more. Looking at your photographs made me a better photographer and sometimes reading you made me express my ideas in a better way. Thank you for being you.



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