FEBRUARY 6, 2015

Under The Rainbow

I was in the car on the way to Barcelona airport, and as always had my camera at the ready. The day became a day of ‘from the car’ photographs because after I landed in Marseilles I was back in a car on my way to Bonnieux.

That part of the trip was a ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ experience because, as I entered the Luberon valley, the weather, moving fast behind a passing storm, exploded with rainbows, which appeared around every bend in the road. Rainbows are a little like shooting ducks in a barrel since you can hardly ever miss, but at 60 miles per hour the rainbow, and what it is seen in relation to, makes for a challenging set of conditions.

I love shooting from the car because there is a purity to the gesture of reaching for the image. The image is what it is, and I accept it with all its shortcomings, flaws, crazy tilts, fragmentary bits and pieces which fall in wherever they do, and in a way they refresh my seeing and remind me to stay open to the suggestive impulsive side of photography.

By the time I arrived home the sky, darkening then, flared up one last time in pure symphonic crescendo, and then went dark.

Feb-6 L1025855

Feb-6 L1025860

Feb-6 L1025972

Feb-6 L1025943

Feb-6 L1025948

Feb-6 L1025981





3 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 6, 2015

  1. markclarkephoto


    I enjoy your shots from the car. Before health forced me to change, (silver lining for more time to stop and look) from my previous career I specialised in road death and high speed driving as a police officer in the UK. I spent my time, ‘reading’ the road. Having to consume everything and make steps forward in order to read potential risk. I find I connect with these images as you take those moments, in a context that obviously relates, but which I enjoy reading within the context of my new life and a new way of reading. Not for risk but for connotation or punctum. Your work connects with an individual in a way you couldn’t know pressing the shutter and through blog which is superb.
    Thank you again Joel. Incredibly grateful for your effort.


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Thanks for reading the work and the blog so thoughtfully. I appreciate your comments. And I can imagine what a nightmare someone like me might be to you when you were a professional ‘road reader’, but I am careful as 50 years of shooting while driving suggests and more often than not it is just ‘reaching’ for the shot rather than framing precisely. I have learned the visual arc of my lens so well that I can be quite sure of what is in and what is out of the frame within a fairly close sense of the edges. All my best,

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  2. Jose

    Beautiful colors. I fully understand why color photography is your choice. When I look at your shots, emotions start to dance.



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