FEBRUARY 5, 2015

Follow Through

I was invited by HP to come to Barcelona to be part of a conference. Of course these events always have a big dinner the day before to start things off and bring the participants into some kind of harmony. Usually the venues are what one expects from ‘convention mentality’ planning, but not HP. They always make it interesting, so when I arrived at the event, which was in an old naval works near the port, I saw this vaulted chamber lit and arranged as you see it.

I am always intrigued by public spaces; how they are used now, what they might have been a long time ago, what kind of sensation do they project to me, and so on. Questions that often make me explore them photographically because they look this way only because some event planner has responded to the space and is trying to transform it by light or other interventions. And so it becomes an invitation to consider just where am I, and how do I feel about it.

To me this is part of the great, daily pleasure of making photographs, that I can get lost in the musings about the moment I find myself in. And musing can be both a-musing, and muse, as in being inspired by something. So I let myself be taken over by this kind of whim just to see what comes from this freedom of association. And although the image of the hall is more or less a record, the image below that is somewhat stranger and perhaps the more interesting one. But one produces the other, and that part of the process of follow through is what keeps us inspired.

Feb-5 L1025847


Feb-5 L1025848


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