JANUARY 21, 2015


I was going through the work from the 21st for today’s Blog and what do I discover but a funny coincidence. In among the 65 photographs I made, here, again, was another young woman with a glove hanging from her mouth! What are the odds of that happening?  And it was even near the very same place as the one from January 19th.

Of course it is a wholly different image, less of a portrait and more of a general slice across the late in the day street hustle. Still, there are lots of small things to notice, like the 2 tiny heads above and below her hand, which, if you really are looking all over the frame, give up their small pleasures at being discovered.

However, it’s not a great image, just a workaday photograph made in an effort to stay sharp out on the street, which, in some ways, is just as important as making a really tough photograph, because keeping one’s instrument tuned up is part of the larger game of sight.

Jan-21 L1025486


3 thoughts on “JANUARY 21, 2015

  1. Vedran Perse

    I believe I speak on behalf of all (us) humble amateur street photographers wandering the streets trying to capture “that” moment ( I don’t want to say decisive ) , and we very much appreciate when someone of your stature says how difficult is to capture something that “stays” ( btw you have been to critical to your capture which is very good )



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