JANUARY 3, 2015


When Maggie and I finished our book on Provence we wanted to do a project together that might carry us through our year in Europe. Something that would give us an opportunity to step out of our roles as photographer and writer. The idea that first came to us (while sitting in the bath, actually) was; ‘let’s each make one line every day’, alternating daily, and where one line ends on a sheet of paper the next line must begin. This mute, meditative moment allowed us to choose whatever we wanted to use to make a line; paint, ink, charcoal from the fireplace, fruit, grass, blood, whatever was handy and felt right. In that way we could both collaborate and duel, respond and challenge.

We did it every day for a year! And it now stretches in one continuous line for 220 feet! This image was made as the 3rd line, Maggie’s turn, presented itself.









2 thoughts on “JANUARY 3, 2015

  1. donciccio

    What a great project your wife and you carried out. It explains the meaning of be two. I’m curious to see the final artwork.
    I remember when you were in Florence for a Leica event and I asked to take a picture with you…you said ” No, I have to go, my wife is waiting me”…well, it certainly was not an excuse:)

    Great to read you every day.



  2. frankie

    Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful experience. I’m so curious to see your take on living here in Europe, especially in such a small town. Sometimes the best things are in our everyday life, although we’re too distracted to see them nowadays. Looking forward to read more on how you two approached this adventure and seeing more pictures!



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