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At a roadside rest stop I saw this cop walking over to make an inquiry of the driver of the Michelin truck and was amused momentarily by the symmetry of the scene; the colors of their uniforms, the dual cellphones, the pair of comic book images. It was just a moment in passing, but something about it was potentially interesting.

Meanwhile a friend has been involved with a project that involves crude, hand made Michelin men figures,¬†photographed¬†in an African nation where Michelin doesn’t support their distributors with any kind of advertising iconography, so the garage guys make their own. This work is currently on its way into a book. Here’s a peek at a few wild images of Michelin men.

09-4 FTC L1032934

09-4 Mich man 3

09-4 Mich Man 2 09-4 Mich Man 1