A Fresh Start


All the celebrations are now over and reality makes its way back wherever we look, and looking is what we always return to to ground ourselves. Looking at our daily life, our family (just as crazy as everyone else) our politics, and politicians (what a ride we’re in for) our work, our street, or city, everything that’s right there in front of us. All of it fresh once again for thought and eye.

2017 has just begun. Make the most of what you have, and whatever it is that comes your way.




  1. hmunro

    “Looking is what we always return to to ground ourselves” is such a profound statement, Joel. In the year ahead I expect to be looking at more sweeping landscapes, both for their inherent beauty and for the reminder that some things are bigger and more enduring than our petty human cares. I very much look forward to seeing whatever work you care to share here. And I wish you and Maggie and very happy, very healthy 2017.

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