Where Have I Been?

Dear friends,

During the last six months of silence I’ve missed the daily contact with all of you, and the ‘stretch’ it required of myself and my thoughts about life and photography.

But, in a way, last year’s blog was preparation for the book I wanted to write for children about “seeing things”, both in photographs and in the world around them.

That book, published by Aperture; is called “Seeing Things,” and is just now being delivered to bookstores everywhere. I wanted you to know about it first. You might want to see how writing for you prepared me for finding a voice that was adjusted to the range of kid’s interests, but did not talk down to them.

You can see it here:


Seeing Things


4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Joanne Mulberg

    Hi Joel,

    Very exciting to see your new book geared towards kids in the 8 to 12 age bracket. Can ‘t wait to see it. Any interest in doing a talk and book signing at a fabulous book store in Huntington called Book Revue? Do you plan to be in New York in the months ahead?

    Love Joanne

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  2. hmunro

    How lovely to see your name among the recent posts again, Joel — and how wonderful also to hear your big news! Even if your intended audience is children, I’m sure my almost-50-year-old self will still learn lost of lessons from your new book. My copy is supposed to arrive next week; can’t wait. Thank you, and all my best!


  3. Fabricio Santos

    And there I was, filling the order form at artbook.com, just find out that it can only be ordered in the US & Canada… Any idea when it will start selling across the pond?

    Anyway, this is great and I cannot wait to find the relation between the blog and the book. On top of it I have a twelve year old that needs to pick on something creative. 🙂


  4. Jose

    Hi Joel,

    Good to hear from you. The book summarizes your own fascination for the medium. I think that 9 to 12 years old audience is really the purest look of us all when confronting the miracle of a picture, the innocence inside our grown-up hearts. Whenever I hear you talking about photography I want to grab my camera and go out shooting the beauty of the unexpected. So this book is a keeper for refreshing our passion. Thank you for this.

    All the best,




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