DECEMBER 19, 2015

The Horse She Came In On

Maggie found this old, beautifully formed and crafted horse, and simply fell for the ‘presence’ it emanated. The life it had lived for some child, or maybe a number of children down the years. She bought it so it could continue living.

12-19 HORSE L1003538


4 thoughts on “DECEMBER 19, 2015

  1. Mark Sprechrr

    Everything about this is lovely — the image all by itself and the backstory that accompanies it. Thank you. I’m feeling a friendly sadness that this year’s orbit is probably winding down, but am very thankful for everything you have given to it and to all of us. Again, thank you!

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    1. Jose

      Yes, we’re feeling that cooler wind that announces the end of this long summer of pictures, this year of generous commitment. But let’s just call it the end of a step that, relentlessly, leads to another.

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      1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

        Jose, It has been a real pleasure to do this day by day reflection on ordinary seeing, and to have the company of so many enthusiastic commentators, of whom I count you among those who continually reach out and offer wise observations. My best for the new year. Joel


    2. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Mark, The challenge to stay present every day of the year, and to make something out of nothing on those days when time got away from me and I needed to push beyond myself and rouse my vision from its ennui and engage the world wherever I found myself, are the lessons I carry away from this effort. I’m sad too, but also ready to take a breather and deal with the work I am making in the present. We will see what there is to say about that process soon enough. All the best for the new year.



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