DECEMBER 14, 2015


Silo, Birdhouse, Power station, Pump house? Who knows what its function was or is, but it puzzled me every time I passed it. Sitting there out in the countryside, at a junction in the road, the only landmark of its kind, I finally had to stop the car and give it a moment of my time. I never figured out what it was.

12-14 tower L1003389


4 thoughts on “DECEMBER 14, 2015

  1. Jose

    I’ve spent several minutes looking at this image. That’s the photographer’s spell. The noteless silo and all around it become a meaningful picture, something different that never was. The photograph is somehow dramatic, recalling that smell of windmills and giants that Don Quixote would fight.


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Jose, I think it was the ‘scale’ that pulled me in, that disappearing road into the dusk, the sturdy column with its ambiguous function, the stillness of the hour and there definitely is that old vibration if Don Quixote.


  2. Fabricio Santos

    Dear Joel,

    It pretty much looks like a pigeons house. In Portugal we have similar ones and they are used by pigeon breeding aficionados.

    And now that I wrote in for the reason above, let me thank you for this great Once more around the sun. I have been following your posts, mostly silent, almost since day 1 and as it comes soon to an end I start already missing it. :-/

    Anyway, to thank you for the year long photographic experience I have just ordered your Retrospective book (my Christmas gift) and Maggie’s From dusk to dawn (my wife’s complementary Christmas gift :-). Thanks for this great great ride!



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