NOVEMBER 1, 2015


11-1 Smoke L1002414.


4 thoughts on “NOVEMBER 1, 2015

  1. Jose

    Photography is about the light. No light, no picture, and this time that cooking smoke comes up to show us where the light is. And it is funny how we photographers perceive those beautiful and fleeting moments that no one else notices. Maybe that strong man is moving back and forth away from the blinding finger of light but the photographer saw this smoky annunciation across the room.

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    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      A beam of light, a cloud of smoke, two ephemeral pulses and then it’s gone. But the image made carries the moment. And thanks for your comments about duckshots. We’ll take your advice.


  2. lightovertime

    This is a tattooed Rembrandt self-portrait! This is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this image. The color palette as well as the light and the mood conjure up the Dutch masters. Once drawn in, I think about the moment and what it is (the task) that they are all focused on. Perhaps the two are trying to outdo each other executing a complicated dish or a complicated step during the cooking process while our Rembrandt looks on. What is that in his hand? What is his function in that kitchen? Even though he seems to be the only one wearing an apron, he is sidelined at this moment. He is an onlooker like the viewer but his eyes see what we can’t see. The setting has a touch of mystery. The stacked wood implies a wood burning stove, the brick wall with patches, the archway, and the direction of the light source (elevated natural light, a high window?) all point to a place that’s seen generations pass through it.

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