OCTOBER 20, 2015

Thin Skin

The storm did amazing damage everywhere in our part of Tuscany. Bridges were washed away, roads undermined, walls toppled, and it became clear how lightly our man made structures sit on the earth.

10-20 Road L1002069


2 thoughts on “OCTOBER 20, 2015

  1. Neven Cirkveni

    I am sad to see how superficial this photograph is. Had you really wanted to sum up the lightness of our existence, it surely must have been visible on the approaching man’s face. This way, the photo is nothing but a Sunday morning illustration. Way below your standards. I wonder why you chose it at all? Neven Cirkveni >


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Dear Neven,

      Yes, this image is about the ‘superficial. The ‘surface’ of things. that thin skin we live so precariously upon. So a description of what it looks like comes from actually being there, and being struck by how awesome nature is no matter how it shows itself to us. And I cannot claim to make a great image every time I pick up my camera. Sometimes it is just the ‘facts’ that we get a chance to see on any given day.

      This blog is a record of ALL the things I have seen over a year of days, dumb things, funny things, amazing things, intimate things, everything that says to me – Joel, pay attention here – this is where you are NOW! So that is what these pictures are about; the here and now of daily life. What matters is that each day some form of ‘wonder’ comes my way and I respond.

      As for your suggestion that “the expression of the man’s face would sum up our the lightness of our existence”, where do you see that? Is that a certainty on your part? Is that a wish that it would happen IF you were there? These are ‘intangible things.” I can only deal in realities, not wishful thinking. If photography teaches us anything it’s that ‘reality’ is all we have to work with.

      Thanks for writing,




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