OCTOBER 6, 2015



We always hear these stories about the ‘Italian Mama in the kitchen.’ Well, we were invited to dinner, 12 of us all told, and here she is making magic on this tiny stove in an equally tiny kitchen. How do they do it?’ And with no stress over how many people, how will it turn out, is this the right mix of dishes, etc? They just do it, and do it nicely dressed at the same time!

Small wonders abound, and it’s always fun and funny, eating in big family style in Italy. So much gets talked about, argued over, dramatized and frankly, I now can see why Opera is this country’s great theatrical tradition. And then came the cake. To say it was light is understating the cloud-like delicacy and subtle complexity of flavors that followed every mouthful.

But really, rather than making still photographs, I should have had a video camera running, because the action is ongoing and all over the field at the same time, so something unexpected is always in play.

10-6 Mama L1001560

10-6 Cake L1001567







1 thought on “OCTOBER 6, 2015

  1. markclarkephoto

    It always amazing me how such personal connection to an image and transpond to others. This reminds me very much of my grandmother and her cooking. I suspect much comes from the imagery and markers from the table cloth etc, but much also comes from the obvious joy shown in preparing the meal for others. Wonderful.
    Joel, as we spoken about before I’m studying for a degree in the UK. We have just been given the briefs for the new year and I now know that we have to find a work placement and I’m keen to work with someone who I can learn from. I fully appreciate your schedule is likely to be full on, but if you had any time to be able to share or would know of someone who may be able to assist I’d be incredibly grateful. I appreciate these kind of request, especially across the media of the internet are difficult to decide upon, when I am sure they are very many in number, but if there is anyone I’d be incredibly grateful. I’m UK based, but able to travel. I apologise for jumping in on the blog to ask, so I hope you don’t mind me asking. Kindest regards, Mark



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