AUGUST 30, 2015


Perhaps we are all programmed with visuals that we have collected over our lives. For example; this woman carrying a doll at her breast – probably her 3 year old is walking up ahead with daddy – but she, in that moment, for that split second, seemed to be nursing an infant, or holding it madonna-like, especially since I was in Italy where those paintings are innumerable.

In any event I responded on instinct and reached for it to see what it would look like later on.

08-30 Street L1032801


2 thoughts on “AUGUST 30, 2015

  1. Thomas


    I love the thing that you said at the end of your commentary about the woman holding the doll, “…to see what it would look like later on.”

    So often I do that same thing. Frequently I’m not sure why I am taking a picture, but that something compels me. It begs the question of what role our awareness and consciousness of our motivations plays in the capture of the ephemeral. That approach doesn’t always lead to an amazing composition – but just as often as not it renders an image that stimulates deeper examination and thought, later.

    Thank you for your blog. It has become such a stapke of my day. Best,
    Tom Schnaidt.


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Dear Thomas,
      I agree with you, it is the deeper examination that ultimately affects our lives and deepens our understanding of the values that underlie our images. At least for me, at this time of my life, it is that way of working that makes real sense to me. Good photographs aren’t so difficult to make after a certain point, but beyond a good photograph waits revelation. Joel



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