JULY 1, 2015

The Present

Sometimes just sitting around and talking offers unexpected gestures and expressions, and can often lead to a kind of intimate portraiture that doesn’t depend on the ‘pose,’ but rather flows from the state of being you and the subject find themselves in. Especially when it is family or friends, and the camera doesn’t present an intrusive presence into the mix.

I love this relaxed way of seeing, and in a way it is like street photography, but the kind where one is simply out for a walk and living in the wonder of the present moment. It’s always the present in photography.

07-1 L1030995


8 thoughts on “JULY 1, 2015

  1. markclarkephoto

    Hi Joel, I haven’t replied in some time now, but read every day. I’m still enjoying the images and spending time, ‘looking and seeing’ which each and each leaves me learning from what you see. Are there any plans to develope this to a book or some form? Spending more time with the images to editing would be a fab project and an interesting look at the photograph. I know how busy you are and so truly don’t expect you to recall, but I’m a mature degree student whilst working as a photographer and developing my documentary work (and still spending hours enjoying New documents and the insight you gave me about your approach for that). I’d love to spend more time with your images of you’d allow it, if only for a non- published university piece. In return for cake and wine!


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Good to hear from you as always. I’m busy these days writing a book for kids on Seeing, for Aperture as well as readying several museum shows and a new body of my recent still life work. So, all in all I’m juggling a bit too much to make this ‘photo a day’ into a book as I had planned to do with my editor at Phaidon before she left. She was the head of Phaidon and our thought was a possible 12 book set in a box so it would have been a ‘monthly’ look at the year. But by writing it daily as I am doing the end result may be book worth when I’m finished. You are welcome to use my work in your own university ways. If I can be of help just ask. Joel


      1. markclarkephoto

        HI Joel, I thought I had replied to this, but it looks like it didn’t post. Thank you as always for taking the time to reply, very kind of you especially given how busy you are. I look forward to the book for children. I often ask my two if they like an image and if so why. It’s fascinating to hear replies that don’t have the cultural loading an adult brings. Thank you for letting my use your work, that is very generous, as is your offer of help. I will keep in touch. Kindest regards, Mark


  2. Paul Mrozinski

    another beautiful photo of your girl Maggie.. she is so relaxed and gorgeous ..
    keep her there… where she belongs… you are so good Joel because you listen…
    and you always have …responding to your instincts and intuition…
    so good you are teaching others to do this.. a priceless lessons that few discuss..
    especially men.. we love and miss you two terribly..xx s&p
    “One of the Top Ten Places to Stay in Maine”
    The Guardian UK



    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Dear Paul,
      Every time I see Maggie in these casual but intimate moments, I get another pleasure shock to my being. How lucky I am to have met her 25 years ago this September, and to have journeyed all this way in her company. I know you understand this all too well with Sharon by your side. It is a life journey, and when one gets in that boat with the only other person on board, one better be prepared to accept all the conditions that time and nature and living will throw at us.

      We miss you both and think of you over there on the other shore and long to see you.





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