JUNE 27, 2015


Reno Piano designed a winery in the Maremma region of Tuscany which had an image inside of it that was immediately powerful and breathtaking in the way it presented its succession of various first impressions. At once an amphitheater, a boxing ring, a stage set, a concert hall, and finally a vault for barrels of wine.

But first one approached through a valley of vineyards that rolled gently toward the sea. Hidden, low in the landscape, was a building of strong color contrast which barely showed itself until one was at its door. Inside was a modern marvel of the art and science of winemaking. But for me the ‘theater’ was the emotional heart of the place. I have never entered a modern space devoted to one form of production that moved me in such a way. Maggie, felt it too, and instantly responded with her dancer’s past coming back into play.

06-27 L1030672


06-27 L1030696.

00-27 L1030699




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