MAY 31, 2015

I Take It In

After Rome we came home. What a relief to stand in the open countryside and simply look. That to me is one of the joys of being out of a city where the activity is all over the city’s surfaces, and the layered densities of the movement and constant life on the street build a fevered concentration in me. I love it when I am there, whatever city I am in, because I am truly a city creature, but, oh, the surprise of the spacious and quiet Tuscan countryside, brings out another side of who I am. And that is my meditative nature.

I stand still and let my heartbeat find the rhythm of what I see and smell and hear, and often, then, I see something small and maybe even familiar, but with a freshness that opens me to accepting just the pleasure of seeing it, and slowly, it seems so slow after the city , I take it in.

05-31 L1029829 copy



1 thought on “MAY 31, 2015

  1. Mark Sprecher

    Wonderfully expressed. The photo is very much what I find myself stopped in my tracks and taking in on a regular basis. I had a period where I stopped taking pictures because I found what was right in front of me was ultimately more meaningful to me than the photographs that I could make from them. Eventually I appreciated that the camera focused my attention and let everything else drop away. Purely by coincidence I entered 2015 with a goal to shoot every day, and find the digital image or print once again has its own value independent of the wonder of being out there in the world with my eyes open and my mind quiet enough to be at one with what I see. The photo you posted today is such a perfect expression of what an extraordinary thing it is to be alive in this world. Greetings to you from Los Angeles.



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