MAY 11, 2015

Expect Nothing

Remember that line from the old Amex ads; “never leave home without it?” Well you know what I would say, never even go to the bathroom in a restaurant without a camera on your shoulder. On my way upstairs to find the restroom in this Bolognese, countryside restaurant, I was surprised, when turning the corner in what was an unused salon, to be greeted by this assortment of objects. What’s a little Charlie Chaplin doing next to the strange, oversized head, and why the helmet on the table, and the toy car on the left, all of it, etc?

And when I turned around the rest of the space was almost as surreal as the head. Who knows what it all adds up to? Not much really. But the truth is that there is always something to see, even where you least expect it, and it is better to be prepared; as the old Zen warrior motto states, ‘expect nothing, be prepared for anything.’

05-11 L1028736

05-11 L1028740


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