MAY 1, 2015

May 1st.

It was a travel day. We left Bonnieux early in the morning after 4 months living there, on the first leg of our year long experiment living in Europe. So we said goodbye to the baker where our daily intake of baguette had become a morning ritual. Boy-o-boy, were they good! It was to be an 800 Km drive from Bonnieux to Buonconvento, so we broke it up into an overnight stop in Camoglie, a seaside town in Italy.

05-1 L1028310

Ah, dear old colorful, worn out, beautiful, generous Italia! Color! Like Italian opera. It is everywhere, and joyous to be in. Even though this blog is about one photograph a day, this kind of travel day is so refreshing in terms of stimulus, that I thought I’d simply lay down some of the eye candy that Camoglie offered on our arrival. Look at this! May 1, and they are already in the water!

05-1 L1028375

05-1 L1028374

05-1 L1028346

05-1 L1028399

As we walked down the seafront I saw this crazy structure on the beach and immediately Fellini’s imagery came to mind. What was this wooden scaffolding all about? And how easily it fit in and seemed normal.

05-1 L1028408

This wall, part of the crumbling beauty of Italian cities struck me as something I might ant to use  as a background for a still life. I found myself collecting a few ‘wall’ images that day for possible printing as a field to look at some objects on. Just instinct talking, and I always follow instinct and try not to second guess it.

05-1 L1028431

05-1 L1028456

05-1 L1028477

And then came the giant Frying Pan. Another Felliniesque motif leading to the surreal landscape of Italian life.

05-1 L1028492

05-1 L1028513

Sitting at dinner in the lovely hotel dining room on the sea, the long day coming to a close, a really good Italian seafood dinner in our bellies, the sun slipping into the sea, gave us a kind of perfect end to a long day on the road. More adventures on the road to Buonconvento to come.


1 thought on “MAY 1, 2015

  1. mzkimb

    What an interesting place! And I think, maybe for you, it was a real treat to be in an area with so many people (compared to your village in France). I have enjoyed all of your posts, and appreciate that you are a photographer who finds inspiration in many ways. And you are not just defined as a ‘street photographer’, but your images of people and the compositions you see in their activity are wonderfully alive with energy and they inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing on this blog!



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