FEBRUARY 24, 2015

The ‘Click’

That vine I carried home a few days ago has leaped up onto my still life table begging me to be seen instead of sitting by the fire trying to avoid being the next piece of firewood. I had been wanting to do something with it, but nothing was calling out to me, then today I found this flask at a local flea market. It’s made from a gourd and has some beautiful little dotted lines etched into it, and the cap screws on with a satisfying little ‘click’ a it snugs into a perfect, spiraled fit. A real craftsman’s trick, and probably the thing that made me bring it home.

It’s handmade, but since it was an organic thing, like the vine, I felt some kind of kinship was possible, so I set them up simply to look at them together to see if they had any kind of affinity beyond their origins as vine and gourd.

They’re a handsome couple – in their way –  but nothing is going on with them, no dynamic, no mystery, no fire, pardon the pun, nothing but their separate identities.They’re boring, like some couples you meet at a party!  But I’ll leave them up overnight and see what other objects might want to muscle their way in and bring some life to this static duo. To be continued, or not.

Feb-24 L1000680


2 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 24, 2015

  1. markclarkephoto

    Hi Joel – I undestand what you say about the lack of perhaps, ironically, a twist, or something that connects the pieces, however there is certainly something that draws me to their handsomeness as you say. I look forward to seeing what comes next with them, or not. I recently shot something that I put loads of thought and time in to and when I looked at the contact sheets I immediately felt that while it looked nice, it didn’t have anything else about it and just didn’t work on anything over than a very basic, aesthetic level. I think I probably learnt more from that than I would have from it being a success if that makes sense. Thanks as always for your continuing of the blog. I hope that you’ve managed to recover from the rather eventful day with the thefts. All the best.


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Thanks for your response, as always, good to have you connected. I am slowly getting over the losses as I put together a lot of way too expensive equipment, but thankfully I have Leica as a supportive partner. As for the still life and the lessons, you bet, the best come from what doesn’t work, and what we ask from that, and what we learn from the asking. It’s about ideas and feelings which I try not to separate too much.



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