JANUARY 28, 2015



A Square Window

A Reflection

Live Stone Wall

Worn Color On Old Stucco

A Masonry Base

Nearly Dusk


jan-28 L1025724


5 thoughts on “JANUARY 28, 2015

  1. Lorenzaccio

    It looks like many of your shots on this blog were taken just before dusk. I was wondering whether this is because the color of the light, the shallow shades or anything else significant in that part of the day… or is it just my impression?


  2. Kimberley Britt Saros

    How does one learn to see these different elements as harmoniously creating a whole? You certainly have done it here, but I am curious how you can look at this scene with your eyes and know that the frame will present a harmony of elements? I could look at this image for hours – it certainly is ‘Harmony’. Thank you ~ Kim


    1. joelmeyerowitz2014 Post author

      Thanks for your comment.
      I try and stay open to all the suggestions the world seems to endlessly provide. On the face of it there is almost nothing of interest there, it would be easy to pass by. But when I feel even the tiniest tingle of curiosity – which means SOMETHING out there is calling for my attention – then I stop and look around to see ‘what it is’ that is suggesting itself to me. In this case I paused before these 3 trees and let the whole place play on my senses. If one can still feel awe in front of the most humble things then there is a chance to make unexpected images.


      1. Kimberley Britt Saros

        Thank you for that explanation. I understand, and will pay more attention to my ‘tingling curiosity’! – such a lovely description. I just wanted to share with you that I learned of you, when I saw the documentary “Finding Vivian Maier”. It was her work which inspired me to return to my very first love of photography – documentary and street photography. I have since seen many of your videos in my studies. Thank you for sharing your passion for this art as well as your knowledge and images. Thank you, thank you! ~ Kim


  3. Jose

    Nearly dusk is when I’d stopped taking pictures with film but digital extended a few hours of joy. I can feel the rhythm here. The flow.



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