JANUARY 16, 2015

A Book and a Ball

A few days ago I made a still life of two pipes standing on this background. Of the two this one remained standing while the other took a nose dive which I read as its desire to get off the set and go back to being a pipe. Then along came a book and a ball shaped object that has a latch and a lot of holes. I can’t explain why they seemed to belong together, and it won’t be for long in any case, but for this hour they were my curious companions.

When I look at the image now the first thing that speaks to me is the shadow of the pipe on the page. The longer I look at it the more it seems to be studying the text. Or maybe my attraction is to the space between the shadow and the pipe, just so close, and yet a tiny space remains between them, which of course I put there as I moved things around. That space delights me!

More than that I don’t know. It’s a work in progress, and as such maybe tomorrow I’ll resolve what to do with the ball, and also have another understanding of why any of this matters to me. That’s the way with work that keeps me company in the studio, it is always available to be reconsidered.

Jan-16 L1000346


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