JANUARY 5, 2015

To wake up in another country, one you know you will be staying in for awhile, is an opportunity to try and slip into the life of the place in ways not so easy to do when one is away for just a few weeks.

So this little 6th century village of Bonnieux, with barely a thousand people in it during the winter, offers itself up for wandering through its’ streets, watching the inhabitants live their daily lives, and, perhaps best of all, to be taken in by the light, atmosphere, and freshness of all its sensuous pleasures. The process of discovery is not only of place, but of self.

Jan-5 L1024904

Jan-5 L1024917


Jan-5 L1024923



1 thought on “JANUARY 5, 2015

  1. Stefan Shillington

    Thirty years ago business took my wife, our two girls and I to live in Tokyo. What you describe about waking up in a new country knowing that you live there and are not just visiting is exactly how I felt. I am most grateful to you for bringing it al back to me, and reminding me how it feels to look with fresh eyes.

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